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Art Commissions

Commission Status:


Commissions are closed indefinitely. I will open them if I need additional income.

  • My T.O.S. Agreement must be read prior to payment.

  • If you have an open commission with me & wish to check your status, please refer to my Trello.

Commission Prices

Character Sheets

  • Base consists of one clothed OR nude model.

  • Swatch/Color palette, character text, and simple background are free complementary additions.

  • Reference sheets are typically done in flat color, thus, shading is extra.

  • Intricate armor/clothing/designs will incur additional fee.

Character (Flat Color)Add Shading
Front (Base)$70 USD+$10 USD per angle
+ Back View+$35 USD 
+ Side View (Armless)+$30 USD 
+1 Prop/Pet+$25 USD+$5 USD per prop/pet
Other AdditionsBased on Complexity
Alt Costume+$40 USD
Detail Shot+$10 USD
Retweet Reveal+$15 USD

Emotes / Badges

  • If you use an emote of mine on Twitch, please grant me emote attribution.

  • Unsure how to do emote attribution? CLICK HERE for the guide.

  • I do offer bundle prices for mix & matching different emotes, just contact me beforehand so I can quote you a price.

  • Adding text to any emote is free of charge. (+ $5 USD for animated light-up text.)

Emote/BadgeCost per EachBundle
Standard Emotes$20 USD5 for $90 USD
Bongo (Animated)$25 USDN/A


  • If what you desire is not listed, please contact me so I can quote you a price.

  • If you are looking for Reactive PNGs, click HERE.

Base PricesLineartFlat ColorShaded
Bust (shoulders-up)$30 USD$35 USD$40 USD
Half Body (hips-up)$40 USD$45 USD$55 USD
3/4 Body (knees-up)$55 USD$60 USD$70 USD
Full Body$60 USD$70 USD$80 USD
Chibi (full body)$45 USD$50 USD$60 USD
AdditionsBased on Complexity
Simple Background+ $10 USD
Add 1 Character+ 50% base price
Add Prop/Pet+ $20 USD
Commercial Use2x personal-use cost

YCH Illustrations

  • YCH stands for Your Character Here. The character shown in the art would be replaced with your own whilst keeping a same pose & background (small alterations OK).

  • Foreground & background colors will be adjusted to compliment your character's color palette.

  • Cultist & Voodoo YCH's come with both transparent & full background alternate versions included.

YCHFlat ColorShaded
Cultist$30 USD$35 USD
Sloppy CakeN/A$20 USD
Surf Pin-Up$50 USD$55 USD
Voodoo$30 USD$35 USD
Wraith Noodle$25 USDN/A

Reactive PNGs / Chat TTS

  • Prices may vary depending on complexity. Please contact me for a quote.

  • Prices listed include eyes open/closed and mouth open/closed variations.

Base PricesFlat ColorShaded
Bust (shoulders-up)$40 USD$45 USD
Half Body (hips-up)$50 USD$60 USD
3/4 Body (knees-up)$70 USD$80 USD
Full Body$80 USD$90 USD
Alt Pose PricesBased on Complexity
Bust+ $10 USD
Half Body+ $15 USD
3/4 Body+ $20 USD
Full Body+ $30 USD

Retweet Reveal Sheet

  • Comes with text, bars, silhouette, sections, full-body reveal, & solid color background.

  • The prices listed are assuming you are providing your own art or character sheet.

  • If you want me to draw your character sheet & make the RT reveal, the pricing will be the Character Sheet price + RT Reveal pricing.

  • If you are providing art of your character done by another artist, please ensure you have permission to have their work altered for a RT reveal.

  • Simple backgrounds consist of solid or gradient color + texture.

  • If your character is a .vrm file, I am able to pose your character for you for an additional fee.

Base PricesAdd-Ons 
1 Character$15 USDSimple Background+ $5 USD
--+1 Character / Angle+ $5 USD
--VRM Pose+ $5 USD

Merch / Shops


  • If you are contacting me in regards to your commission status, please refer to my status board on Trello first to see if that answers your question.

  • Feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions about my art, payment, and/or T.O.S. via one of the following options.

  • You MUST read my Terms of Service prior to payment.

Email[email protected]


Art Socials

Merch / Shops

Terms of Service

  • Updated as of August 11, 2023.

  • Upon submitting payment, you have confirmed that you have read, agreed to, and will abide by the following conditions.

1. Age

  • You, the client, must be at least 18 years old.

2. Payment

  • All prices are listed in USD.

  • Prices listed are for personal-use only and are non-negotiable. (Commercial-use = 2x the personal-use cost.)

  • Payment is typically handled through PayPal. (You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay the invoice; they accept all major credit cards as well.)

  • If split payment is chosen, I will only work up to the lineart of the commission until full payment is received.

  • I will invoice you after price, payment, and commission details are confirmed.

  • You MUST have a written description and/or reference image(s) of the character(s) you want drawn BEFORE payment.

  • Any attempt to chargeback payment will result in you being banned from all my social media, banned from future commissions with me, and I will report your account to PayPal.

  • Tipping is not mandatory, but is greatly appreciated.

  • I do NOT accept Twitch bits, subs, or tips/donations as forms of payment; these are considered donations towards the stream.

3. Refunds

  • Full refunds are allowed until I start your commission.

  • Partial refunds are allowed up until I begin finalizing/shading a piece.

  • If I choose to end the commission at any point, I will provide a full or partial refund depending on the amount of work completed.

4. Personal-Use

  • Every commission is considered personal-use unless the commercial-use fee is paid.

  • Please abide by the following restrictions on personal-use art:

5. Commercial-Use / Tattoos

  • Commercial-use is 2x the cost of personal-use rate.

  • Commercial-use fees do NOT apply to stream assets because I consider those personal-use.

  • A $15 fee applies for permission to use my art as a tattoo.

  • Please abide by the following restrictions on commercial-use:

6. Important Information

  • Commissions are digital only and you will receive an image file, not a hard-copy print.

  • I reserve the rights to any and all images I create, including posting it publicly online (unless specified to keep a secret).

  • I will keep a backup of your files saved and available for retrieval on my Google Drive for 60 days after completion of your commission.

  • Commissions are considered final once I send you the .zip file or provide you with the Google Drive link.

  • You have 14 days after the commission has been finalized to request any minimal changes or resizing/altering.

  • You may NOT mint any of my work as NFTs nor to train AI!

7. Crediting My Work

  • If you purchased any emotes for Twitch, please grant me Emote Attribution on the emotes I made.

  • If you purchased stream assets for Twitch, please consider granting me the Artist badge/role. (Optional, but greatly appreciated.)

  • HERE is documentation on how Emote Attribution and Artist Badge work.

  • Credit is greatly appreciated, but not required if you post it on social media. You may link back to @ShivaSenpai (Twitter/Twitch).

8. Additional Fees

Additional charges may be incurred if the following is desired:

  • Complexity (detailed/intricate armor, clothing, weapons, etc.)

  • Additional characters, props, vehicles, animals, etc.

  • A sketch is scrapped entirely.

  • Requesting a deadline for the commission to be completed by, especially if it requires skipping ahead of other clients in queue.

  • More than 2 revisions (this does not include minor details).

  • Intense NSFW.

9. Restrictions

Please abide by the following restrictions. Failure to do so will result in the possibility of your request being rejected. I have the right to reject any commission.

10. Contact

You may contact me via any of the following methods if you are interested in a commission or if you have any questions. If my commissions are currently waitlisted, please use THIS FORM instead.

  • I will not hound you for a commission. If you express your interest in a commission but don't respond to my messages in over a week, I'm going to take that as you are no longer interested.

  • If you filled out the form but plans changed or you are no longer interested, just say that. I would prefer you tell me rather than me reserving a slot for you until I figure out I've been ghosted.